This is a fic I’ve been writing, and then sat on for a while. I released a preview (which was this chapter, actually) previously, but then kind of put it on the back burner. But here it is now. It you’ve read this before, read it again, as I have changed a few things to it.




Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them

That second to last panel is chilling.

Watch the whole thing because the parts that don’t make the gifset are AMAZING.

What is significant about fan fiction is that it often spins the kind of stories that showrunners wouldn’t think to tell, because fanficcers often come from a different demographic. The discomfort seems to be not that the shows are being reinterpreted by fans, but that they are being reinterpreted by the wrong sorts of fans - women, people of colour, queer kids, horny teenagers, people who are not professional writers, people who actually care about continuity (sorry). The proper way for cultural mythmaking to progress, it is implied, is for privileged men to recreate the works of privileged men from previous generations whilst everyone else listens quietly. That’s how it’s always been done. That’s how it should be done in the future, whatever Tumblr says.
But time can be rewritten. Myths can bend and change. Something new and exciting is happening in the world of storytelling, and fans are an important part of it.
Laurie Penny, Sherlock and the Adventure of the Overzealous Fanbase [x] (via wearethemakersofmanners)

I keep thinking of that scene in Good Will Hunting where Will finally breaks down because Robin Williams said to him over and over “It wasn’t your fault” until he finally believed it.


So fab


Oh Ellen, how I love you and the things that come out of your mouth.


enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes



Question a Superhero Wearing a High Heel; Get Comic Forum Logic in Response

As you can see I went way negative on the Wonder Woman costume reveal gnashing my teeth and ripping the costume to shreds while burning my bra and screaming about the patriarchy.

Or not.

Hey Wonder Woman you’re wearing those heels because plenty of women think they’re sexy right?

Somedays there’s not enough desk to head and booze to drink.

i’d really like these dudes to wear heels and see how practical they are for walking down the street, let alone fighting crime.
just half an hour while they wince in pain and get blisters on their toes while a pack of wonder woman cosplayers wearing sensible boots call out ‘nice gams’ the entire time.



Title: Catalysis
Author: Nadiacreek
Cover Art By: Hopelesslydevotedgleek
Rating: M (eventually, but it will take a very long time to get there)

Summary: Kurt Hummel chose his soulmate too early. Blaine Anderson thought he’d never have a chance to choose one at all.

what great fan art!


Steve being the one Darcy consults for her pin up Halloween costume because he knows how to do, and set pin curls.

Steve knowing what shades of red lipstick work for what skin tones because he loves art and color, and is a good listener.

Steve having a working knowledge of…